måndag 24 mars 2014

The Slow Painter Welcomes You!

"I'm a slow walker, but I never walk back."

Me and my dog Kermit, a few
weeks before he passed
away in September of 2012.
Welcome, dear reader, to this blogging experiment of mine. If you are looking for a blog that will be updated regularly and frequently, you are definitely in the wrong place. Sorry about that.

So who is The Slow Painter? At the point of writing, I am a 38-year-old woman with too many interests and not nearly enough time. I am a jack of all trades and, surprisingly, master of a few of those. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design & Communication and run my own company, mainly focusing on graphic design services for equine and canine businesses. My art endeavors also fit under the main company umbrella, so I do pay taxes on everything model horse-y I create and sell.

Weeds. Just in case you didn't know what they look like.
My partner and I live in an old country house dating back to ca 1700. We have a large property and enjoy growing and cultivating things, so during the summer season I spend a lot of time outdoors tending to whatever we have decided to grow that year. I also do a lot of weeding. In fact, I think I spend more time weeding than I spend tending to the crops, but I digress. If you really want to know more of the Plights of the Hobby Farmer, email me.

I work from home, and it would be incredibly lonely if I didn't have the company of our lovely Azawakh bitch, Cleo. She is also a guard dog extraordinaire, which is quite a comfort out here in the middle of nowhere. I am also the sidekick at a nearby Rocky Mountain Horse farm, so I get my fair share of real horse handling ranging from stallions to newborn foals. I have been riding since I was three years old, so I can honestly say I have spent my life around horses.

Yours truly, Calinka (an OTT STB), and Cleo.
Horses and dogs - it pretty much sums up my life. 
So why am I The Slow Painter? Because I am fairly sure that I really am the slowest painter in all of model horsedom. It takes me for-friggin'-ever to finish a horse, no matter what medium (I paint in both oils and acrylic airbrush), mostly because I am (overly?) perfectionistic. This is why my production is limited to just a handful of horses each year - usually no more than five or six. For those who wonder, I have been involved with model horses since 1985... so I get to celebrate 30 years in the hobby next year. Time sure does fly!

I am not quite sure what I will be blogging about... this and that, I suppose. A few ounces of art techniques, a couple of handfuls of general horse stuff, a dollop of art in general, and quite possibly the occasional teaspoon of snarky, opinionated commentary on Hobby Tendencies I Really Dislike. I am going to leave comments on for now, but moderated. I am generally a really busy gal, so I might not get around to approving comments ASAP. Just so you know. Anyway, if people play nice, comments will be left on. If people for some strange reason begin to behave like ill-mannered children, comments will be turned off because, well,  ain't nobody got time for dat.

Thanks for dropping by! In the near or distant future I will post again. Probably about dapple greys. See you then!